How buildings are set to allow operations of people? What does city science mean? What does the „top-up” process mean in the field of city science?

These questions – among others – will be answered on the 5th episode of the Open Office Podcast. At this time Gábor’s guest was Ariel Noyman, the researcher at the city science group of MIT Media Lab.

On his daily job, Ariel is focusing mostly on the interaction between technology and cities, how the cities can gain from technology and how our life can be changed by that interaction. He and his team have created a tool that allows all participants to come together and have a conscious discussion about issues, key questions and the nature of the city.

This episode will definitely reshape the way you think of cities and the future of urbanization! 

You can listen to a fascinating conversation covering the following topics in this episode:

  • What does city science mean?
  • How you can look at cities, architecture, operation, and design from a different perspective?
  • What useful platform was developed by Ariel and how this kind of tool did work in an extremely hard situation in the city of Hamburg?
  • What does the „top-up” process mean in the field of city science?
  • How you can allow all levels of city-related people to make their voice efficiently? How all citizens can feel they’re involved in decision making?
  • Why does it worth to give responsibility to people in designing the future of cities?

Have a listen to this great conversation and let your mind blown by how city science is helping our environment to develop further! 

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